Nutella Cookies

I’m going to quote a friend when I say the first time I tried Nutella, “my eyebrows fell off.” Nutella is so rich, creamy & chocolatey with just a hint of the hazelnut to make it amazing. Mmm. What an amazing food that is absolutely not meant to be a healthy breakfast alternative, but is in the eyes of so many young adults anyway ;)

I made this recipe into a video that you should play along with this decadent recipe. I mean, duh.

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I Buy Pretty Things #005 – Coney Island Root Beer

Root beer seemed to pop up as a trendy summer drink this year. I kept hearing about “Not your father’s root beer,” and I stumbled across this Coney Island Root Beer packaging; it absolutely stole my heart.

Not just because I’m a New Yorker and haven’t been to Coney Island yet so I absolutely feel shame and need to make up for it or anything. Absolutely not. I like root beer.

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Birthday… or boobday? (GF Recipe inside!)

Birthdays mean a lot to me. Besides loving my own for an excuse to do things to treat myself all day, I really love spoiling the crap out of my friends. So when one of my besties asks for Boob cupcakes, I certainly don’t want to disappoint.

There was just one problem: This week I came to the decision that I need to test the waters against potentially having celiac’s, which means no gluten (if I can help it). Cupcakes kind of thrive on gluten, but I wasn’t just about to give up. That’s not how I roll.

Enter the gluten free boobcake.

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10 Reasons I can bake, but not cook so well

I get this all the time, and I know I’m not alone. Baking and cooking are totally different ball games, and it always baffles people when one says they’re not good at the other. Stop being baffled, there are (probably) scientific reasons for it. I’m going to talk about all those totally scientific reasons I have.

Okay maybe not science.
The science is a lie.

Let’s get cooking… erh…

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Gaming Bars and Me

When I turned 21 in my third year of college, my world opened up for some unsuspecting reasons. Not only could I enjoy alcoholic beverages legally, because the goodie-two-shoes in me would not allow this to happen prior to that fateful day (minus one or two occurrences), but I could peruse “package stores” as they are called in Connecticut, to see all the beautiful packages and bottles I had been admiring from afar for the past ~6 years of my life.  And — I finally had reason to venture into the non-Williamsburg part of Brooklyn to check out a bar my friends had been talking about: Barcade.

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Dark Chocolate Chip Blondies

Yahoo! My first recipe redo on the new blerg.

If you’ve read my intro post, you’ll know that I initially started my blog to teach myself how to take better photos. One of the reasons I wanted to relaunch my blog was to go back through old recipes and recreate them to see if they were any good in the first place, and to give myself another chance to make the photos better. Let’s see how I did.

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I Might Be Weird on the Internet

Felicia Day. Resident Internet nerd queen, NYT best selling author, accidental entrepreneur with a 4.0 and the fabulous actress who has been kissed by fire. Also my hero/spirit animal.

I’ve been admiring Felicia Day going on 3 years now, and I’m way late to the bandwagon. I somehow missed the initial blow up of “The Guild” on YouTube, I happened to be playing WoW the same time frame she did on the opposite side of the U.S. in ’06/’07 and missed her there, and I fully fell in love with her character Charlie Bradbury on Supernatural, which is where I first experienced her awesomeness. I even watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer from S1E1 and waited eagerly until the last season where I saw her playing one of the many recruited future-slayers. Now I’m almost done reading her book and already considering reading it again to mark up every time she says something I relate to. Which is probably me just coloring the whole book highlighter yellow.

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10 Ingredients you should double check for before baking

Scene: You’re bopping along to whatever silly music you have playing in your kitchen, or youtube video playing as you read through a recipe and start gathering everything you need to make a delicious treat. Whatever your making could be just for you, or it could be imperative to your coworkers birthday the next day, or a pot-luck that you are leaving for first thing in the morning.

Then. It. Happens.

You are missing a half cup of SOMETHING. Your milk went bad, someone made eggs without telling you.
Complete. Crisis. Mode. And you totally don’t know your neighbors, so that “borrow a cup of sugar” action will not work here.

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