Monday Squares

The Happy Baker is easily one of my favorite recipe book finds. All of her recipes are non-chalantly related to her dating/home life, which adds a little bit of humor and solidarity to whatever you’re making.

As much as I love the book, Yum Yum Squares is not one of my favorite names for a recipe. I made these last Monday on periscope, since I had a serious case of the Monday’s. I was nervous the whole time I was baking them because every time I went back to the oven, my bars were still wiggly in the center, which is usually a no-go when it comes to the bars setting and cooking properly.

I was pleasantly surprised – and thrilled about the pseudo-pecan pie taste that magically happened.


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I Buy Pretty Things #010

Can I make “6 Second Food Review” a thing? Quick and to the point, I don’t hate it. Maybe hate my unruly hair, but I spent half my day painting so I don’t really feel bad about it.

I bought “Sweetos” while I was at the store the other day. Specialty items pop up regularly around the holidays, so while I wasn’t surprised to see the flavor combo (I mean, who doesn’t love cinnamon sugar during the fall/winter months), I was surprised to see Cheetos jumping on the holiday flavor bandwagon. I don’t recall them doing a lot of seasonal promotions, and the only other flavors I know from them are extra hot/spicy cheetos, so seeing them play in the sweet space was a new phenom for me.

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Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie… wait what?

I’ll admit, halfway through this recipe I forgot what I was making anymore. I was channeling my drunk kitchen, but for baking it is pretty hit or miss. I’m glad I had already gotten through the batter at the point where I decided my frosting was NOT going to be fancy.

I’m glad I didn’t do fancy frosting anyway. The container I kept these cupcakes in, when I opened it the next morning I almost fell over. Because bourbon.

IMG_2697What is more fall than bourbon and taking picture of a cupcake outside with some god damn foliage behind it? Nothing. And if you say pumpkin spice I’ll just leave. I will. Don’t try.

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I Buy Pretty Things #009 – Batch Green Tea Ice Cream

It looks like there are a lot of great things that come out of Massachusetts – who knew that one was going to be tea flavored? (Insert Boston Tea Party joke here).

I love green tea and I’ve loved it for a long time now. I’ve made green tea whoopie pie frosting and green tea cheesecakes – so since it’s the newest trendy food, I am so excited! Trendy means more green tea products, David’s tea even recently made a to-go container to make it green tea on the run which I love. This green tea ice cream though, really popped out at me and I had to have it.

Batch ice cream is a pretty cool company that seems to want to take on a “craft beer” approach to ice cream. Well, considering craft beer packaging is amazing and seems to be the only beer I can currently get behind, I can absolutely get on board with a craft ice cream movement.


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Kate Didn’t Jump (and other short stories)

Life is Strange was on steam sale a few weeks ago, and considering I’d already watched the first 10 minutes of it played by PewDiePie and Felicia Day, I figured it was time for me to play it myself, and finally see what happens after those 10 minutes. So a sale and a super intriguing game? Sign me up.

If you haven’t played yet, spoilers ahead.

P.S. I’m not sure why I love adding “and other short stories” to any sort of anecdotal titles I think of. I’m starting a little collection in the notebook that goes everywhere with me. I’ll write a book with one of them soon.

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Gluten Free Chocolate Bombs

A few weeks ago I began panicking about my everyday life. I wasn’t sure, but I began testing whether or not I was allergic to gluten. While I’m still not 100% positive, I don’t think I am (phew, sorry glutenites). Either way – this gave me the opportunity to look through old recipes and readjust them to my potential future.

It was easier than I thought – and full of chocolate still. I could cope like this.

Also, I really just enjoy bringing foods to people who are food-impaired. With this recipe, you can too!

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Why you need to read Nimona

With my current job, I get a commute. The commute can either be an hour and a half drive sit in traffic or an hour of a little driving, and mostly sitting on a train or shuttle bus to my place of employment.

I choose the latter, where I get to read fabulous books and listen to amazing podcasts – I had the pleasure of reading this paperback comic compilation one day of my commute last week (since it was a pretty quick read I finished it that day), and I wanted to tell you why I loved it so much.

Meet Nimona, the misunderstood and excitable villaness.
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How a piece of chocolate changed my outlook

I just got my mindfulness box in the mail (unboxing video coming soon), and this one came with a handful of meditation suggestions. Being that I’m a sweet freak, the one that caught my eye was “Chocolate Meditation.”

Um, sign me up!

The better news was I could do it right. then. because my box came with a piece of chocolate – smart move!

What I got out of this meditation was not at all what I was expecting.

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